Paper Coterie

Here is a fantastic free download from paper coterie. I couldn’t upload a picture but it’s definitely a great find!

They are a bunch of beautiful bookmarks, iv’e already downloaded my set, enjoy!



I’m a bit harsh on online photo editors, that being I’ve shuffled through a good two dozen and not been satisfied, but PicMonkey has my tongue and, apparently, my vote.

Its just so simple to use (no need to over complicate things) and as far as I’ve used it it’s been free to edit AND save your precious photos. With so many different fun features as well, I could play for hours!

Have fun!

date a book


I am only SUPER excited to share this website (i could start dancing in a minute) with the Australians out there!!

If you are a book lover, you’ll die all over the place when you see this website. You better, anyway.

I know the promotions closed, but if you keep an eye on it, its supposed to re-open in the next season.

Let me know if you found the site before it closed and entered, I want to know if they are legit, pwwweeeeaaaassseeee 🙂

snail mail freebie

OK, so here goes my first true freebie!

Included in this freebie:

2x brown vintage looking mini envelopes (featured in my etsy store)

3x random postcards

possibly some note pads…..

A few paper crafting supplies

some tea!

and some beautiful coffee stained tags…

seeing as this might be quite a package and it’s my first freebie, only the first 5 people can get this.

I hope you understand!

So, if you want one of these packages sent to you, all you have to do is email me at with FREEBIE in the subject header,

then in the email tell me your name and postal address so I know where to send it! EASY!