for the bookworms


I am already a member, and if you love discovering new books that might interest your tastes… I suggest you become a member too!

Basically its just like post crossing, only with books! How fun is that?!

Have fun reading your new books everyone.




I am now participating in the MMSA, which is basically an informal swap site, hopefully it’s fun! If you’d also like to join, find the blog here:


letter writers alliance




so excited! my letter writers alliance membership came today in the mail, I am so happy!!! also sent a letter off to Saana, hope she gets it soon 🙂 xx



calling all creators….


are you creative? surely there’s someone out there who is…

I recently found this project on the web and am absolutely DYING because I don’t think I’m creative enough to do it!

Basically, you create something cool to use as an envelope and send it to 10 different partners on a list that’s sent to you. You also get 10 awesome looking envelopes back from random people.

Maybe I’m just weak.

Anyway, if you want to give it a shot, or to find out more head to:

And if you give it a go could you email me photos of what you created? I’m interested to see what people come up with!


Gentri Lee


In her own words:


She’s definitely already made a fan out of me! Find this amazing woman here:

Her blogs worth a visit. Or two. Or three. A day…


mailbox smiles :)

want to make my mailbox (and me) happy? send me something at:

emalea davidson

PO BOX 121

Ongerup WA



If its a letter or a package, I’ll send you something back!

Just make sure you write lettermouse somewhere on it, so I know this is where you found me.

Happy mailing 🙂