dear diary stories

A very nice blog with a pen pal project to boot… I hope all the pen pallers out there don’t kill me for taking this long to post another blog related to what you guys do 🙂

find it here:




I am now participating in the MMSA, which is basically an informal swap site, hopefully it’s fun! If you’d also like to join, find the blog here:


on the brink

For a website for easy pen palling, easy sign up, and for a bundle of pen pals, copy and past the link into your browser to be directed to the pen pals page for on the brink… of something beautiful. I’m sending my email now 🙂


papered thoughts <3

I absolutely love this blog- and it’s so pretty! Rin is also one of my pen pals, so I am super lucky!


Gentri Lee


In her own words:


She’s definitely already made a fan out of me! Find this amazing woman here:

Her blogs worth a visit. Or two. Or three. A day…


wreck this girl

a cool blog about pan pal, art, and other awesome things.

Wreckthisgirl also has an Etsy shop, which, by the way, I LOVE! (already ordered lots of goodies from there!)