I’m Back! (However, not in black)

Hello my glorious readers! If…. if any of you are still out there…. I’d like to apologise for not blogging for AGES! But, I am here now, and what I have for you today is totally going to make up for months of neglect (I hope). Today I have for you: The Oatmeal. This blog is the craziest awesomest thing I’ve seen in forever, and I really mean that. It’s epically funny, however if your not a sure fire hit for crude/ hilarious humor, DONOTCLICKTHELINK!!! Eveeerrrrr!! You’ll probably just complain about the sins of the terrible people like us, the ones who cannot for the life of them explain why they crack up at youtube videos portraying adorably cute babies/cats/little things inevitably falling over, crashing into things and generally just feeling tha pain. Hey, at least it wasn’t me for once, lol (is what your thinking watching these videos. You may or may not be going to hell depending on whether it does or does not exist XD). So! If you are one of those dreadful people that generally just enjoys life more then the dull people, head on over to


for the funniest crap you’ve seen in years. Enjoy! P.S., if your still with me, comment your favorite thing about theoatmeal.com  site on this post 🙂


You and I were cut from the same cloth


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