Gift Two: Olive Wood Natural Chess Board




Perfect for the chess inclined, this natural chess board is a beautiful addition to your home. There’s beautiful colours and it comes with free chess pieces. A steal at $49.00.

Order it here today:



The Gift Of Giving

In the spirit of the season, I thought I would log into Etsy and find some amazing but reasonably priced gifts and post them on my blog so you guys can have gift ideas without the major search most of us have to go through for the right gift. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed searching (I have a bit of a love for trawling for treasures, as you guys have probably noticed). Anyway, I was going to post a gift idea every day up until christmas, but then I thought, what if I find more stuff that I want to post? And then that got me thinking, whats the point of posting anything in the few days before christmas? By the time you order, it will be too late unless you get it rushed. So, with those excuses, um, I mean reasons, behind me, just go with it if I post them randomly and maybe many times a day…

Gift One: Summer Love Wooden Bunny Earrings.
These earrings are beautiful and would look nice with summer floral dresses. A great gift for any female who loves pretty jewelery, and also an amazing gift for yourself if you like. Priced at $18.00.
Find them here:


So today I have something pretty damn cool to show you. Like, I freakin love this. recently I’ve been trawling the internet for something really cool to post that is completely whacked out, or something a lot of people would think of. Now I know a lot of people have already discovered this, but I couldn’t help share it for the people who wouldn’t know about it. It’s a great way to play a prank on someone, or just to have fun with. Type in your search bar “google zero gravity”, click the one titled google gravity. Try it, have fun 🙂