Paper Coterie

Here is a fantastic free download from paper coterie. I couldn’t upload a picture but it’s definitely a great find!

They are a bunch of beautiful bookmarks, iv’e already downloaded my set, enjoy!


for the bookworms


I am already a member, and if you love discovering new books that might interest your tastes… I suggest you become a member too!

Basically its just like post crossing, only with books! How fun is that?!

Have fun reading your new books everyone.

Put the “spring” in your steps…


These boots are beautiful! Best clothing Etsy find in awhile… They are vintage 1970’s lace ups, in very good shape.

I hope you find them to your taste, and they aren’t even expensive!

Your welcome 🙂


Crafty Bits

Hey everyone! I’m sorry I haven’t posted in awhile, family issues have been keeping me well away from a social life let alone blogging… but I’m back and here is a site for you crafty people out there:

It contains HEAPS of projects, great for the weekends! Happy crafting everyone x